A decade of experience

My journey has taken me through start-ups and global brands, government to health, retail to telecommunications and the journey is far from over.

Hand crafting interactions

Harmonising the pulls of the project brief with user-centric principles, where the brand’s language resonates with each interaction and the goals of the user and business align to create a fruitful relationship.

With big brands

  • Selfridges
  • Lloyds
  • Tesco
  • Vodafone
  • Acas
  • MoJ
  • Sadara
  • EY
  • Orange
  • Halfords
  • Rolls_Royce
  • EE

Delivering delight

  • In-store ordering service

    Selfridges wanted to create a way for customers to browse and order out of stock sizes on an iPad if their desired size was unavailable. Having the customer do the work of finding the stock themselves didn't in my opinion match Selfridges' brand of an amazing shopping experience. So I challenged the brief to be changed such that the clerk checks to see if the size is available in the warehouse before returning to the customer to in order to deliver on Selfridges' brand identity. I created a story board, wireframes and a presentation to express how my re-thinking of the service would work.

  • Complete service redesign

    ACAS is the UK government’s mediation service between employers and employees. The licence for the Case Management System (CMS) was expiring so ACAS saw an ideal opportunity to not only replace the CMS but to redesign the entire service. This complete service redesign involved, in-depth research, workshops, interviews, stakeholder management, GDS assessment, Union liaison, tendering a new CMS, UX design, close collaboration with third party agencies, dove-tailing between two projects and a national roll out to create a world class service that impacts the whole nation.

  • Corporate intranet redesign

    Like many corporate intranets, my company’s was structured as per the org chart and not used as intended. I started the project with the aim to initially redesign the homepage to better reflect how people were actually using the intranet and ensure that important corporate news was being seen. I also redesigned the department pages after conducting an organisation wide survey to create a portal that enabled collaboration rather than a dumping ground of unusable information.


My background in Product Design grounded me in the design process, 3 Dimensional thinking and problem solving. Transferring that to UX via intense study, application and improvement enabled me to work with the biggest brands on high value projects. Progressing into Service Design I utilised the skills I acquired in UX, my grounding in 3 Dimensional thinking and my passion for entrepreneurship to hand craft services that create delight at each step in the journey.

My experience has enabled me to become a guest lecturer in User Experience for Northumbria University and to be a judge at the prestigious UK Customer Experience Awards for the past 3 years.

  • Problem analysis

  • Data analytics

  • Stakeholder management

  • User journeys

  • Process mapping

  • Experience mapping

  • Story boarding

  • Workshop creation

  • Information architecture

  • Wireframing

  • Prototyping

  • Usability testing

  • User research

  • Agile

  • Responsive design

  • Mobile



Costas Peristiani

Product Manager at Tesco PLC

"...He is a big-picture thinker who is also great at working out the finer details of a project..."

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Robert Szantai

Principal UX Lead at Seren Design

"...One of the best UX designers I ever worked with."

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Darren Howat

Digital Lead at Vodafone

"...He is a great team player and determined to work through any problem..."

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